Bingo & Keno Halls

Bingo & Keno Halls
DECART provides an entire spectrum of electronic solutions for numeric games tailored for casinos, gaming halls and arcades. We develop new, more sophisticated and technologically advanced ways of playing Bingo, Keno, 6/49 and other games. An electronic system for numeric game provide breakthrough in terms of the convenience it can give to its players. There are several kinds of electronic devices that help numeric game players enjoy their game with more convenience, excitement and efficiency through touch screen monitors.

Playing more games per hour by using automatic systems with real blowers, or following more tickets effortlessly can significantly increase the intentions of players to win as well as to boost the sales and the bets.
E-BINGO is a powerful gaming and management system, offering integrated, modular solutions for the modern Bingo hall. Designed to provide high quality Bingo experience for the players and to facilitate hall management, the system boosts play and increases operating efficiencies. E-BINGO allows existing Bingo halls to extend their offering in remote and internet environment and to attract online players.

  • Labour cost savings - 2 attendants per shift only
  • User friendly software and touch-screen play
  • Over 20 complete bingo games per hour
  • Electronic ticket sales and validation
  • Mystery and Progressive Jackpots, Bonus and free games available
Bingo Client
  • Touch-screen, user friendly technology
  • Unlimited number of tickets available with real time monitoring
  • Bill validators and cashless cards options
  • Automated ball recognition and call All games are fully logged for security and analysis
  • Instant access to sales and prize money figures
  • Free games available
  • Wide range of Jackpot triggers and options
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