Casino Management System - CGI IMPERIUM

Casino Management System CGI IMPERIUM
DECART feature-rich and affordable Casino Management System is designed to optimize the total casino performance and incorporates integrated modules for all important internal processes.

CGI IMPERIUM is a state-of-the-art modular system for slot machines monitoring and casino operations management. The system optimizes and streamlines the total casino performance by networking all slot machines and electronic tables.

CGI IMPERIUM provides:
  • Casino accounting
  • Slots management
  • Mystery and Progressive Jackpots
  • Player tracking & bonusing
  • Cashless and tickets (TITO) gaming
  • Adaptable to any local legislation and government requirements

Our CGI Imperium Casino Management System communicates with the gaming machines through a specially designed device - Machine Scanner (MS) ... Read more

CGI IMPERIUM Administrator is the basic module of the system. It streamlines the communication between the system modules through real time notification ... Read more

Accounting and Cage is a cash desk and accounting control module. It allows comprehensive financial analysis of every machine and gaming location ... Read more

Jackpots is a casino management module that provides centralized control over the Jackpot parameters. The managers can set the parameters ... Read more

Ticketing (TITO) module reduces the cash operations as well as enabling additional benefits and promotions that are offered for the players. Tickets can be inserted ... Read more

CGI IMPERIUM Casino Management System offers cashless payment on the slot machines via the use of a special player card with the following features ... Read more

Player Tracking module enhances the card based functionality of the Cashless module. It brings positive influence to the revenue and to player satisfaction ... Read more

Rewards and Bonus points module gives the casino management the ability to reward the carded players with comps or bonus points ... Read more

Reception is casino gate management and player registration module. This module allows the casino to register players with their personal data and picture ... Read more

Multi Site Casino Management System is an IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN). It can be integrated into an existing WAN, or can easily be created using routers to link sites ... Read more

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