Gaming Services

Gaming Consultancy

For more than 20 years, our specialists have actively participated in the development of regulations in the gaming industry in Bulgaria. During this period we have gained broad experience in the legalization, regulation, organization and control of the gaming activities. Based on the best international practices DECART has created various solutions for the development of the gaming sector in Bulgaria. Our experts have consulted the Governments and different authorities of several countries - Albania, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine etc. for establishing the regulatory framework in the local gaming and entertainment industry. Our specialists are familiar with the best international practices in this field and have extensive experience in their implementation.

SMS Betting and TV Games

DECART has substantial experience in the organization of SMS games and interactive TV games series, as well as in the management of the technological process of their co-production and production. In this line we are able to provide:
  • Know-how in the field of organizing and conducting lottery and number games, sport betting, TV and phone entertainment games
  • Software solutions development and deployment
  • TV games local and remote hardware platforms deployment
  • Experience in the integration with billing systems of mobile operators
  • Extensive international experience working with large media and telecom companies in Europe and Asia

Electronic Solutions for Bingo and Keno Halls

DECART provides the entire spectrum of electronic Bingo, Keno and other numeric games products and Gaming Services, including gaming system hardware and software. Our products offer to the bingo halls operators’ reliable and secure environment for managing and maintaining of growing base of players and transactions. We provide new, more sophisticated and technologically advanced way of playing Bingo and Keno. Electronic Bingo provides a breakthrough in terms of the convenience it can give to its players. There are several kinds of electronic Bingo devices that help bingo players to play their game with more convenience and better excitement and efficiency through touch screen monitors. Our equipment allows each player to choose from playing through a touch screen buttons to mark the winning numbers on the electronic bingo cards or the player can use the tracking device that automatically alerts the computer to find the winning numbers drawn. Playing more bingo cards can significantly increase the intentions of a bingo player to win as well as to boost the number of the bingo cards bought. In fact, our system allows a bingo player to play as much as 200 cards simultaneously without efforts and to scan all of them with the winning numbers drawn.

Casino Management

DECART provides complete, feature-rich and affordable systems for Casino Management. Our products are built on the latest technical achievements in the electronic and the computer technology. The system optimizes the total casino performance and incorporates integrated modules. They are both designed to boost the financial results and to improve the casino management. The Casino Management solutions provide automation of the administration labour and increased security, reduces wastage and allows better service and communication to the players.

Our comprehensive Jackpot system is capable of managing custom jackpots for thousands of games connected across hundreds of sites in a multi-site environment. This solution provides unlimited number of jackpots from two distinct types- Mystery Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots.

By networking electronic gaming machines, our systems offer extensive core functionality, dedicated applications for jackpot management and slot machines monitoring. DECART Casio Management Solutions are designed to deliver maximum cost savings and revenue growth for the casino industry and is a perfect solution for small, medium- sized and large- multi- site operations. With affordable investment the casino management will receive comprehensive reports, statistics and tools to generate excitement on the gaming floor. DECART allows the operators to discover powerful cost-saving and profit generating business advantages and to make a huge step forward.

Online Casino Platforms

The Online Casino Platform developed by DECART is a state-of-the-art integrated system and gateway to a huge suite of successful operations. The Platform incorporates the latest tendencies in the electronic and computer technologies and is truly responsible to operator needs. The Internet Casino allows great flexibility to operate casino games and to add additional gaming options. With multiple options and flexible architecture, the platform provides the opportunity for quick implementation of new games and options. The Internet Casino Platform is flexible and integrates easily with every type of management, legislation and specifics. Its open architecture, allows quick response to market requirements and regulations. The platform is easy to install and reduces operating expenses by simplifying and centralizing all casino operations.

Sports betting and Lotteries Operational Gaming Services

With extensive experience in Sports betting and Lotteries operations DECART is aware of the risks associated with all project phases as well as with the organizational structure and processes in the gaming operations. The company has know-how and experienced staff to ensure optimum results and maximum success in all projects and gaming operations undertaken. DECART offers a comprehensive range of marketing and operational Gaming Services including the conceptualization and/or realization and support of marketing and promotion strategies for various operations. Full ranges of training, operational, and administrational Gaming Services are available for sports betting and lottery operators worldwide.


DECART provides full range of products and Gaming Services that allow proper security and internal controls and optimizes operational efficiency in the gaming establishments. Our solutions allow investigative personnel to detect theft, fraud, or other abuses in each segment of the gaming property.

Black Box devices

DECART supplies governments with technologically advanced gaming and betting monitoring systems. The company develops solutions for constant monitoring of lottery, SMS, Sports Book platforms as well as casino monitoring and reporting solutions, known as Black Boxes for slot machines. Implementing DECART's solutions, national regulators are able to monitor in real-time private operators and casinos for their real results and current activities.

The advanced lottery and sports betting monitoring solutions are compatible with existing lottery and sports betting platforms. Our systems are able to extract critical data for the current and past bets and winnings and to report to Government controlled formats, protocols and servers in real time. Full range of formats and reports for bookmakers and lottery operator’s activities are available.

Casino operations can also be monitored by installing Black Box devices in all available slot machines. The Black Box device is collecting real time information from the machine, and sends it to Government controlled monitoring servers, where regulatory officers are able to inspect every connected machine reports and current performance.
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