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DECART is the market and technology leader in the Lottery and Number games industry. The Company is committed to serving our customers by providing real-time solutions for Lottery & Number Games. MELIORA™ platform developed by DECART allows Lottery and Number game operators to expand their gaming channels and to build relationships with their valuable player base. Our lottery and number games solution meets all industry standards for cost, schedule, quality, integrity, performance and safety.

The Company has successfully installed MELIORA Platform for the BULGARIAN NATIONAL LOTTERY and EUROBET Ltd. the two companies that operate lottery and number games in Bulgaria and is a recognized Lottery and Number Games platform provider in Europe.

MELIORA Betting Platform Architecture Scheme

MELIORA™ Betting Platform is high tech, flexible, state-of-the-art solution with an extremely wide range of betting options, developed with the most contemporary technologies. The platform consists of different modules and allows easier implementation of new games and bet type introduction. It will positively affect the competitiveness and the sustainability of any operation, introducing the latest methods and next generation technologies:
  • Supports the most wide-spread Instant and lottery games (6/49,Bingo, Keno, Rapido, etc.)
  • Multiple betting channels (retail, Internet, telephone and SMS,self-served terminals and kiosks)
  • Operators can manage all channels from a single point of control
  • User friendly interface, designed by Industry specialists to facilitatethe betting process
  • Active game Risk Management
  • Winnings can be paid in any connected location
MELIORA Terminals
MELIORA Betting Terminal
ADVANCED BETTING TERMINAL is a innovative, cost-effective and user friendly solution for every land-based sports betting, lottery, Keno, 6/49 and instant gaming operator.
  • All-in-one solution for reliable betting operations
  • Various options for network communications (GPRS, DSL, Wi-MAX, etc.)
  • Reliable integrated infra-red scanner
  • Quick and silent thermal printer with easy maintenance
  • TFT touch sensitive monitor.
NAZAR Betting Terminal
NAZAR Betting Terminal
NAZAR terminals are used for accepting and processing coupons, tickets, bets as well as for automatic connection with the central system. The servers of the central system process all lottery sales and bet transactions. Terminal advantages are:
  • Excellent solution for reliable betting operations
  • Various options for network communications (Leased line, GPRS, DSL, WiMAX, etc.)
  • PC based terminals with user friendly interface
  • Reliable integrated infra-red scanners
  • Quick and silent thermal printer with easy maintenance
  • 19" touch screen monitors
MELIORA™ Mini is innovative, cost-effective and high-quality tablet-based mobile terminal, designed to contribute to sports betting, lottery, Keno, 6/49 and instant gaming operations. This revolutionary solution provides high level of sales service, real-time bet validation and immediate access to all the games offered by the betting and lottery agency. With its unique balance of style, size, performance and reliability, MELIORA Mini redefines the traditional distribution channels by allowing mobile points-of-sales wherever and whenever required. Combining the benefits of seamless connectivity with integrated wireless GPRS telecom technology, the terminal enables additional revenue opportunities in places, where the optimal cost and size are important considerations.

  • Tablet based betting terminal
  • Hand-held wireless mini bar-code scanner
  • Hand-held wireless mini thermal printer
  • Real- time bet validation
  • Additional multimedia features
Self-service Kiosks
Self-service Kiosks
Self-Service Kiosks for MELIORA™ is all-round, powerful and modular gaming terminal that accepts the major existing means of payment. The devices can be placed in bars, hotels, casinos or other public places with easy access and high-traffic and can be open 24/7. The user friendly interface allows the players to place bets and play games away from specialized points of sale.

Self-Service Kiosks Highlights:
  • Full access to all lottery games and sports propositions
  • Full range of payment options
  • Touch screen displays
  • User friendly interface
  • Variety of network connections with the central server
  • Water and vandal proof
  • Multi-service doors
Our Games
VLT Screen
DECART Ltd. has vast experience in game development and implementation. Our games are designed to address specific needs, following a structured approach to new game development.

  • Over 150 different games offered around the world.
  • Bestsellers like 6 /49, Keno and Bingo in new attractive variations.
  • New games designed every year.
  • High level of game customization.
Number Games
Instant Games
Instant Games
Cross Platform Games
Cross Platform Games
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