MELIORA Betting Platform

MELIORA Betting Platform Architecture Scheme

MELIORA™ Betting Platform is high tech, flexible, state-of-the-art solution with an extremely wide range of betting options, developed with the most contemporary technologies. The platform consists of different modules and allows easier implementation of new games and bet type introduction. It will positively affect the competitiveness and the sustainability of any operation, introducing the latest methods and next generation technologies:
  • Supports the most wide-spread Instant and lottery games (6/49,Bingo, Keno, Rapido, etc.)
  • Multiple betting channels (retail, Internet, telephone and SMS,self-served terminals and kiosks)
  • Operators can manage all channels from a single point of control
  • User friendly interface, designed by Industry specialists to facilitatethe betting process
  • Active game Risk Management
  • Winnings can be paid in any connected location
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