MELIORA™ Mini is innovative, cost-effective and high-quality tablet-based mobile terminal, designed to contribute to sports betting, lottery, Keno, 6/49 and instant gaming operations. This revolutionary solution provides high level of sales service, real-time bet validation and immediate access to all the games o?ered by the betting and lottery agency. With its unique balance of style, size, performance and reliability, MELIORA Mini redefines the traditional distribution channels by allowing mobile points-of-sales wherever and whenever required. Combining the benefits of seamless connectivity with integrated wireless GPRS telecom technology, the terminal enables additional revenue opportunities in places, where the optimal cost and size are important considerations.

  • Tablet based betting terminal
  • Hand-held wireless mini bar-code scanner
  • Hand-held wireless mini thermal printer
  • Real- time bet validation
  • Additional multimedia features
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