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Meliora Sports Betting Platform
DECART is the pioneer in providing software for the betting and online gaming industry in Bulgaria. The Company helps operators with their sports-book and risk management operations.

MELIORA Platform

MELIORA™ Sports Betting Platform is a cutting-edge solution for bookmakers to accept and process bets in real-time, as well as to manage the entire business with a single end-to-end platform. Full range of odds monitoring and risk management options allow the operators to secure the entire operation and to provide superior service at reduced costs.
  • Supports fixed odds and spread betting (pari-mutuel) on any sport or random event
  • Comprehensive post-trade analysis and reports are available at the touch of a button
  • Flexible Risk Management - enabling increased profits, a decrease in dependence of expensive odds compliers and maximizing margins
  • Cost reduction and staff optimization provided by simplified operations for bookmakers
  • Live betting available
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MELIORA Application

MELIORA™ Sports Betting Application was created to fulfill the business requirements and the needs of the following types of enterprises:
  • Large bookmakers with sophisticated Internet or e-gaming operations
  • Advanced operators with existing betting systems who want to enlarge or upgrade their operations with online, telephone or SMS sports-betting
  • On-line operators with live betting and Risk Management needs
  • Emerging operators, looking for complete and reliable solutions to start profitable business.
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